Pellet Shell Conversion Kits

Welcome to JKM Shells, your source for custom .22 caliber custom pellet conversion cartridges. Our site is designed to provide you with access to information about our products as well as providing you with direct access to purchase from us. Click on our products link on the side menu to buy online right now.

Don't want to drive to the range to shoot? This product is the answer! It's a fun way to get a little more use out of your gun, and maybe nail a little pest you couldn't otherwise. You know how those town ordinances are about ordinance.

Every shot will be way less expensive too.
Teach kids gun safety without the recoil or noise.
More practice with trigger pull, grip practice and the ability to do so all year.
Indoor shooting is now possible with actual rifle you hunt with.
This will not harm any part of your rifle.

Please watch this video to see how the conversion kits work