White-Lightning Rim Fire or Pistol Exploding Targets


This item is not “Tannerite” and does not have the same properties. If shot in dry a dry hay field, these could initiate a fire. Although they pass drop-tests and are safe with any normal handling procedures, we don’t want a customer to mistake them with Tannerite’s unusually safe properties. Although they won’t explode from a flame or cigarette, they will burn at a fast rate if they come in contact with fire, so just follow the precautions stated on the package. Licensed out by Tannerite Company, these are a fun and awesome target for hand-gunners and rim-fire shooters.

15 targets to a pack.

Each target size is 2 inches diameter by 1/2 deep.

List price: $42.00
Price: $42.00
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 8 in × 0.5 in × 8 in