Tannerite Exploding Rifle Target 1/2 Pound 1 Target Try Before You Buy


If you haven't shot Tannerite before here's your chance to try before you buy a full case. These are not flammable like the other targets out there and this is a patented product that others have tried to copy. This is a target kit just perfect for your .223 rifle or a rifle that's velocity is 2000 FPS. or faster. This includes 1 target that's 1/2 pounds with the mixing jar and pre-measured foil packet of catalyst. This is great for target shooting, You know you hit the target every time with the big bang and smoke. You don't have to keep walking to see where you hit, BOOOOMMMM!!!!! Shoot with .223 or faster rifle to set off, your bullet needs to be traveling at 2000 fps. or faster This sale is for a total of a 1/2 pounds of Tannerite. It is sold by the case as well.